Honoring the History of Bare Knuckle Pugilism and Fistiana
Honoring the History of Bare Knuckle Pugilism and Fistiana
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What the heck is Skullbonia?

We get this question all the time. What is Skullbonia? 

Well, the short answer is, Skullbonia is actually a place. But it’s bigger than that … way bigger. 

Skullbonia at its core is a mind set. It’s an attitude. 

It’s a gritty, bare-knuckle form of courage that shows up in situations where success is against the odds. 

Skullbonia is taking action when we feel like we can’t. It’s fighting even in the face of all adversity. 

It’s displaying courage in the most demanding times. It’s making the decision to push forward and committing to that decision even through repeated failures and set backs. 

Skullbonia is about winning.

Back in the mid-1800’s bareknuckle boxing was the thing across The United States. Large crowds gathered to cheer on their favorite fighters as they faced fear and punishment and punched their way to success. 

But one very special place was born, whose own name stemmed from this manly and noble art of pugilism, and it is rightfully called Skullbonia.  

Skullbonia is the only place on the planet named after this unique style of gloveless boxing during this time. Originally known as "fist and skullbone" fighting, it was later shortened to "fist and skull.” 

The Champions of Fistiana from Skullbonia were rarely defeated individually, and never as a team, and thus grew in fame throughout the area. 

It was this display of grit in the spirit of Skullbonia that inspired the brand of apparel that is alive today. 

Do you have what it takes to live the Skullbonia life?