Honoring the History of Bare Knuckle Pugilism and Fistiana
Honoring the History of Bare Knuckle Pugilism and Fistiana
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The History of Skullbonia

In the early, and throughout, the 1800’s bare knuckle boxing matches were common place throughout the United States. 

But one very special place was born, whose own name stemmed from this manly and noble art of pugilism, and it is rightfully called Skullbonia.  

Skullbonia is the only place on the planet named after this unique style of gloveless boxing during this time. Originally known as "fist and skullbone" fighting, it was later shortened to "fist and skull.” 

The champions of fistiana from Skullbonia were rarely defeated individually, and never as a team, and thus grew in fame throughout the area. 

Because of its popularity, Skullbonia was home to national championship bouts until some nosey politician in Washington D.C. was finally able to get the sport declared illegal. 

Skullbonia® Today

Skullbonia® is alive and well.  We seek to honor this rich history of bare knuckle boxing; the truest and purest form of pugilism. 

We are extremely excited about the resurgence of interest in bare knuckle fighting and our desire is to honor its roots. 

Our commitment at Skullbonia® is to bring the fans of pugilism the finest quality products, made only, and proudly, in The Unites States of America. 

We will never compromise our standards because we know you want and deserve the very best.

All orders are printed on demand, so thanks in advance for your patience.  

Long live the noble art of fistiana!