Honoring the History of Bare Knuckle Pugilism and Fistiana
Honoring the History of Bare Knuckle Pugilism and Fistiana
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What makes Skullbonia such a unique brand?

As we mentioned in our last blog, (What the Heck is Skullbonia?) Skullbonia is more than a brand of apparel. It’s an attitude. 

It’s #TheBareKnuckleLife

Skullbonia represents the grit and determination to battle against all odds. Skullbonia acknowledges the fighter in all of us. To keep punching when our backs are against the wall and life seems hopeless. To never quit. 

That mind set inspired the birth of an only-USA Made product line that honors the noble art of pugilism and the fortitude of the fighters of yesteryear … and honors the renewal of this greatest of all combat sports, bareknuckle boxing. Those who have and those who are living The Bare Knuckle Life.

Skullbonia gear is sourced from American companies that produce American products. Period. 

And that will never change. Not for profit, not for anything. 

We believe that America is the greatest country on the planet and we won’t settle for anything but the finest materials available in the world … made right here. 

But doesn't it costs more to only use American products?

Yes. But it’s absolutely worth it to us.  

In addition, our designs and printing are all done in Tennessee - the home of Skullbonia. 

Lastly, we have the greatest respect for the US military and our fallen heroes. To that end, a portion of all proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

We give back to them because they gave it all for us.  

So, every time you wear your Skullbonia gear, you represent the spirit of greatness that pushes us all beyond what we think we have inside of us, and you help support a truly honorable cause. 


So, grab some gear and live #TheBareKnuckleLife

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